Cosmetic Genital Surgery

I’d like to draw your attention to this excellent post by Dr Petra Boynton on that increasing scourge, unnecessary cosmetic genital surgery.

It’s hard to believe certain members of the medical profession see fit to, and are able to, convince women to have unnecessary and painful procedures to correct imaginary cosmetic defects or “enhance” sexual pleasure, but they do and they are.  And as Petra points out, many journalists appear to collude with this disgraceful state of affairs.

We need to continue to look for ways to allay unnecessary shame and fear about how a vulva or vagina ‘should’ look, and correct the misinformation that means women are vulnerable to advertisements for labiaplasties, G Spot Enhancement and the like.  I have a wish for 2012, that women will begin to value and cherish their genitals in all their diversity, so that sharks like these are no longer able to ply their immoral and harmful trade.  Shame on them.


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