Shiftless, lazy and good for nothing?

So I’m sharing this gorgeous video by way of an apology for not blogging for so long.  It may be a bit off-topic, but it’s guaranteed to make you go, “Aaaaaaah!”  Plus, it challenges the idea that we have to be dynamic and thrusting in order to be of value.

This has been much in my mind recently as I’ve been recuperating from surgery.  I found that it was relatively easy to allow myself to rest and recuperate while in the hospital attached to various drips.  Since I’ve been home, however, it’s been much more difficult. 

Why is it that so many of us struggle with allowing ourselves to just be?  Why do we feel we’re only valuable when we’re doing something useful? 

I’m going to take a leaf from the sloths’ book.  They may be associated in our minds with the “sin of sloth” – essentially being shiftless, lazy and good for nothing – but I think this video demonstrates they’re good for lots!  Certainly gave me a lot of pleasure, anyhow.  And I hope they will you too.


2 thoughts on “Shiftless, lazy and good for nothing?

  1. Hi Rose
    Loved the video. Hope you are getting better, sorry to hear of the surgery. Sitting still and just being IS a very difficult thing to do without guilt of some sort. I take leisure very seriously and being still is part of it.

    love Mary

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