Great sex advice in Easy Living

I picked up the May edition of Easy Living magazine in the hairdressers today 

I saw there was a series of articles called “Lust, Trust and Libido – The Smart Grown-Up Sex Special”.  I turned to it without high hopes to be honest, because the quality of sex articles in women’s magazines is often pretty poor, with advice being shallow or sensationalist or often both. 

Happily, I couldn’t have been more wrong in this instance.  It does exactly what it says on the Cover, with several thoughtful, helpful, up to date articles.  Highly recommended.


4 thoughts on “Great sex advice in Easy Living

  1. Hi Sally, Surely though, even those who advocate co-sleeping for 5 years still need the chance to withdraw into the bedroom for some Us-Time? Otherwise, when do they have sex …?

  2. Thanks Rose, I often wonder, like you, at the quality of advice in women’s mags. I’ve long stopped looking at them my self : they just don’t speak to me, now in my late 60’s and newspaper fashion just makes me cross. So it’s helpfull to know of something usefull that I may offer to wimmin.
    I intended responding to your previous blog about locks on bedroom doors. Given some neuro-science on attachment, that advocates co-sleeping till 5yrs, I can imagine many well informed parents will find ‘locks on bedroom doors’ hard to contemplate : caught between a rock and a hard place eh!,
    Cheers, Sally

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